3rd Utrecht Degrowth Symposium: Sowing sustainability in food and agriculture

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    Utrecht (TBC)
  • Organisator
    Utrecht University
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    Gratis, wel graag aanmelden
Degrowth prioritizes social and ecological well-being instead of corporate profits, over-production and excess consumption. What can degrowth bring to the ongoing debate around agri-food system sustainability?


13.00 Doors open
13:15 Welcome
[Giuseppe Feola, Utrecht University]

13.30 Lecture with Q&A: A degrowth perspective on agri-food systems sustainability
[Julia Spanier & Jacob Smessaert, Utrecht University]

14.15 Lecture with Q&A: Degrowth scenarios for the food system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
[David Meng-Chuen Chen, Humboldt University Berlin & Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)]

15.00 BREAK

15.45 Panel
Perspectives on Policy and Action: What degrowth-inspired policies and actions for a transformation of the agri-food system?

Leonardo van den Berg, University of Twente,Toekomstboeren & European Coordination Via Campesina
Mariana Calcagni González, Free University Berlin & Centro de Análisis Socio Ambiental
Laura van Oers, Utrecht University & Ontgroei
Roos Saat, part-time farmer & activist
Christine Teunissen, Member of Dutch Parliament, Partij voor de Dieren

Moderated by Federico Savini, University of Amsterdam

17:00 Reflections on degrowth and agri-food systems transformation Giuseppe Feola, Utrecht University
17:10 Closing Giuseppe Feola, Utrecht University
17.15 Drinks
18.00 END